Last week, I traveled to a brand new center in the Pacific Northwest.  I have never had the opportunity to work in a new  center, and felt like a kid on my birthday with all the new equipment and surroundings.  For those of you like me, can you imagine all new?

My trip was quite an adventure.  I found a great place to get coffee with awesome customer service.


And got to visit a winery…


Learned of this very cool gel positioner (so much better than foam!)  It is from Alimed.  


And check out this eye wash station!  You can actually get them on Amazon!


As we prepared for the surveys, I was reminded of all the important signage needed in the facility.    Between patient rights, your CLIA waiver, ownership disclosure, patient rights,  state licensure, autoclave boiler registration and radiology safety to name a few, it would be easy to miss some.  ADA has requirements as  does individual states.  Your sign company can be a good resource for those.

As an East Coaster, I also learned that disaster plans can include things like what to do if you have volcanic ash, a dam breaks, or you have an earthquake.  I thought ice, tornado and hurricane planning was rough!

On my way home, my flight was grounded, and ended up taking 3 planes and 11 hours (14 if you add the time loss) to get home without real food, unless you count pretzels and peanuts.   The airline needed some refreshers on customer service and communication. Maybe they should ask us.


On one of my flights, I did meet a really nice Yoga instructor who reminded me about balance and acceptance.  Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone to learn and gain perspective.

As I returned to my desk, I did some spring cleaning, and found a card that meant so much.  It is titled “Thank you for your awesomeness”.   So, with my new found perspective, I encourage you to reach out to someone who has supported you, and thank them for their awesomeness.

In the meantime, I’ll prepare more (hopefully) useful insights to share with you as I return to my routine.  Thanks for being awesome and reading!



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