Some days, it’s easy to forget why we are “here”.  Working in surgery can be quite challenging.  Being in charge can be even more challenging.

Have you ever taken a mental inventory of your career choices that brought you to where you are?  I know I have at times, and you may have too.  Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to think about your “why’s”.

I thought I would list some of mine.  I bet that some of you can relate.

  1. The hours may be long sometimes, but they sure beat 12-hour shifts, being on call, and routine weekends. When I first started my career in an ASC, I was ecstatic to have a better quality of life with my family. Even though the hours can be long at times, the no-call, weekends-off thing rocks.
  2. Not everything requires 2 board meetings, 3 committee meetings and a run through a sign off process. Let’s face it – even though the regulations keep us on our toes, we are able to facilitate change without trying to steer the Titanic.
  3. Our patients get safe quality care from a highly skilled team. We don’t have the corner of the market on this, but we do deliver really awesome care. A lot of this is due to the fact that we are highly specialized, so we really get to hone our skills.
  4. We get things done efficiently. Since we are in control of when patients arrive, how the rooms turnover, and all the parts in between, we tend to be an efficient, well oiled machine.
  5. We have an “everybody on deck approach” to making things happen. In #3 and #4 above, our team approach to care makes for a nice working environment and a great way to provide care.
  6. We make a difference. Patients feel better because of us. Enough said.
  7. We can be innovative in our roles. As long as our Quality, Safety, Risk, Infection Control programs and the like are effective and meet the requirements, we typically have flexibility in how we design them.
  8. We get to work with some pretty awesome people. We tend to be a like-minded bunch of patient advocates.
  9. We often get to wear scrubs and sneakers. Not bad on the comfy scale.
  10. We get to help people. I guess this should’ve been #1. The best reason ever.

I’d love to hear some of your top reasons, too.

Email me at, to share some of the items on your inventory list!

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