I’m still making 6’s out of my “5’s…and Happy Belated New Year!

I’m still making 6’s out of my “5’s…and Happy Belated New Year!

happy new year

Hi! Happy New Year!  Yes, I realize it’s a little late…and posts have been absent…

The respite was necessary!  You see, I thought I had a superhero cape in the closet, and when I went to put it on, I  couldn’t find it.  Life got in the way.  I sold and bought a house, moved said house, and prepared for an accreditation at the same time, all while hosting the holidays.

So between packing boxes, dealing with bankers, sellers, buyers, movers, Christmas shopping, unpacking boxes, trying to find  my winter coat (and other pieces of clothing and such), and reviewing and re-writing policies, something had to give.

The good news is that (most) of the boxes are unpacked, Christmas is packed away (which required MORE boxes…ugh), and accreditation is complete.  I also have found said coat in time for the cold weather, and have a fresh bottle of Aleve at the ready.

And, upon reflection, I was reminded of a few basic things that translate into what we do every day.  Let me share, with my apologies for the simple reminders.  I thought, however, it’s never a bad idea to step back for a minute and review…

Baby steps.  We do not need to get everything done today.  The whole house did not need to unpacked immediately, nor does our task list need to be absolutely complete.  Get done what has to be done, and don’t beat yourself up because life got in the way.  And we all know, in surgery, life will step in and change our plans often.

Get better organized.  Whether you’re the “organized type” or not, being organized keeps from getting overwhelmed.  it doesn’t have to be to an OCD level, but it sure helps when you can find things.  When the movers started grabbing boxes I hadn’t finished with, I struggled to regain momentum.  Knowing where things “live” will save a bunch of time spent looking for them.

Procrastination only leads to worry and guilt. Just do it.  Get it done.  You’ll feel better.

Keep it simple.  Break it down, delegate, make it work for you.  Whether it’s policy review, getting your quality studies completed, benchmarking, credentialing, or any other looming task, make the process work for you.  Don’t let the big picture overwhelm you.

One day at a time.  I know, easily said, right?  However, also easily forgotten.  Just reminding yourself to take it one day at a time can be a good check once in  a while.  There is a Steve Forbert song called “You Cannot Win Em All”, which I love.  Give it a listen if you get a chance.  He sings that “You do your best each day, but when the sun goes down, it’s done…and then what slips through the cracks is just gonna go ahead and fall…don’t let it keep you up nights, when you know my friend you cannot win ’em all”.

Which brings me to…

At the end of the day, acknowledge the good.  You gave safe patient care, everyone went home healthy and (hopefully) relatively happy, and you did your best.  Reflect on you and your staff’s success and all that you  accomplished in the day.

Give yourself the credit you deserve.  We make a positive impact on those we lead, the safety of the organization, and the care we provide and support.  None of us are perfect.  Reflect on the accomplishments that sometimes get ignored in the fast paced environment in which we function.  Write it down, share it, and make the focus as much on what got done as what needs to get done. I don’t do resolutions, but I’m going to work on more positive reflection.

Not my best advice, but, if at all possible, don’t try to buy a house, sell a house, move, prepare for accreditation and celebrate holidays at the same time.  Hope you have a  great “New” Year!

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