Here are some links to bring you luck…

Here are some links to bring you luck…

In my internet travels when trying to find resources, I’m always looking for innovative, economic (okay, free) tools to make life a bit easier.  I’ve found a couple of new sites that I’ve recently stumbled across that turned out to be gems.


fire extinguisher

Fire Safety Training:   Since we all need to know how to respond to fires, and pulling the extinguishers off the walls to practice isn’t feasible, fire safety training can be a challenge, (and a bit boring as well).  I found this interesting training includes a competency test!   Check out the link here.


Skillstat:  As a nurse outside of the cardiac and emergency world, I am rusty with my EKG rhythms, and get stressed when re-certing for ACLS.  Skillstat offers animated rhythms as well as an EKG game to help dust off the rust.  Here is the link:  Skillstat

Setting up oxygen tanks:  Here’s  a good YouTube video on setting up and managing oxygen E tanks:


Nursys: National nursing license verification.  Maybe you already knew about this, but I just found it.  There is a national site in which you can verify nursing licenses (and check for any disciplinary action as well).  The National Council of the State Boards of Nursing provides a provides a primary source database for verification of nurse licensure and information comes directly from the state and can be found here: Nursys

Need to build or review your HIPAA policies and education?  Here is the link to the CMS regs:  CMS HIPAA resource

Hope you have found these resources helpful.  Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!





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