For those of you with GI as a specialty….I hope you found the previous article about # 9 helpful and are well on your way to reach the 96 required cases for reporting.   The set up steps are the same for this measure but we are looking at a different set of data.  Here are the steps with a slight variation from the other report:

  • Obtain a printed procedure report from your billing software. It’s easier if you can pull just the colonoscopy codes with maneuvers (45380 through 45385 mostly and G0105).
  • Compare the list to your daily charge batches and highlight those that do have a history of polyp or history of neoplasm.
  • With the highlighted list, pull the medical record (paper or EHR) and document the date of the previous colonoscopy.
  • Lastly, assign a “+” (plus sign) to the ones that meet the criteria and a “–” (minus sign) for those that do not.

*The total number highlighted is the denominator and the numerator is those that have a plus sign.  Here is an example of how that looks using my friend’s and family’s names (keep in mind that the last 2 columns are handwritten by me):

Physician Patient DOS Procedure Code Date of previous colonoscopy Result
1 Dr. ABC Jessica 4/1/2014 45380 2000 +
2 Dr. ABC Kari 4/2/2014 45384 2009 +
3 Dr. XYZ Denise 4/3/2014 45384 7-20-11 +
4 Dr. XYZ Leslie 4/4/2014 45384 4-1-13 Piecemeal removal
5 Dr. LMN Chris 4/7/2014 G0105 2010 +
6 Dr. LMN Eric 4/8/2014 45380 3-12-11
7 Dr. ABC Linda 4/1/2014 45384 2008 +
8 Dr. ABC Camey 4/2/2014 G0105 2004 +
9 Dr. XYZ Patrick 4/3/2014 45385 11-22-2010 +
10 Dr. XYZ Camille 4/4/2014 45380 2012
11 Dr. LMN Gabriel 4/7/2014 45385 2006 +
12 Dr. LMN Sam 4/8/2014 G0105 2010 +


Denominator = 11 (line # 4 subtracted as it was less than 3 years and a piecemeal removal)

Numerator = 9

This measure took a few more minutes to complete because I had to have the charts pulled (you are delegating some tasks right?) then flip through each to find the date of the previous colonoscopy.  Again, for a total of 24 cases that met the criteria in the month of June, I spent less than an hour to obtain the dates.

Here is a link to a great flow chart for this measure http://

Time for a little bragging… I am done with my data collection so I am going to sit back, put my feet on my desk and have a….


Author:  Casey McFarland