The adventures of running a Surgery Center

The adventures of running a Surgery Center


It takes a certain kind of person to manage a surgery center.

We have to be smart.

We have to be great at multi-tasking, have a significant backbone and thick skin, super organized, and do it all with a smile.

Some days are easier than others.

We get up with the birds and sometimes enjoy the stars at night as we are driving home.

There are days when we feel appreciated, and days where, well, not so much.

We all know those days.

A PACU nurse calls out when you were already short-staffed.
The room that was booked to have one physician follow another is running long, and you have no open rooms to accommodate.
You are missing a supply and a piece of equipment breaks.
No one is getting lunch on time. Stressful is putting it mildly!

And there is all the paperwork-making sure we have crossed our “t’s” and dotted our “i’s”. We need to be ever prepared for that scheduled, or worse, unexpected regulatory visit. We are Rock Stars. We keep our cool, and keep everything running.

This blog, if all goes as planned (and we all know how that goes…) is to share stories, as well as tips, news, and helpful hints to hopefully make it all a little bit easier.

Thanks for reading, and please share our site with your colleagues and friends!  And if you have a great story or tip to share-let us know!

~Because we know all you do!