Have you changed a life today?

I know you may be thinking it sounds sappy, but your facility and team do amazing things every day that change patient’s lives.

I saw these words on a great YouTube  video recently someone had shared.  One of those videos you are glad you decided to watch…the kind that gives you chills, and, if you’re a soft touch like me, chokes you up a bit. It was a super cool re-enactment  about how staff at a hospital came together to make a difference for a patient.  I think it hit close to home.

It made me realize that, in our line of work, we really do change lives every day~

…That pain or anxiety your team’s care relieved


…That corneal transplant that gave a patient sight

…That bone that can now heal with the plate and screws your team placed..

I had the honor in my past of working with a physician who would provide quadriplegics the ability to pinch grasp so they could potentially eat or brush their teeth independently.

Those were bittersweet good days.

I’m sure you can think of several examples too.

We get so busy in our daily roles that it is easy to forget the great things we do for our patients.  We get bogged down with our daily challenges, and forget  to recognize the lives we change every day, and the talented people that are part of our team that make it happen.

Maybe, if we step back every once in a while and look around at our patients, our physicians, and our team, and all the good we do, it will help us focus better on the reason for the details.

So, if you choose,  take a moment, step back, take a deep breath, and look around at how you change lives, every day.

 Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?