Credentialing Tip of the Day

Credentialing Tip of the Day



Always fun, right? Whether you do it yourself, supervise the process, or outsource it, it is an integral part of recordkeeping in the facility. And National Practitioner Data Bank checks are time consuming, require credit card information, and need to be done as part of re-credentialing on each provider.

 ~Don’t you love it?

Did you know that AAAHC and Joint Commission now allow you to use the NPDP Proactive Disclosure Service for a charge of $3.75 annually? The cost is per practitioner, and can be found here

Not only is it less expensive, ($8.00 per query on the main site), it allows for continuous notification, so is a passive process for your facility once you are enrolled.

You are welcome! 🙂 Happy Credentialing!