Adventures in Gastro Quality Reporting # 9

Adventures in Gastro Quality Reporting # 9


Whether you are single specialty Gastroenterology or multispecialty with Gastro cases, you are among many of  us who have 2 new measures to track.

Being one that loves the phrase “fortune favors the prepared” I spent extra time studying the new guidelines and preparing a plan for reporting.  Below I share my data collection steps in hopes that you may shorten the time you spend gathering this information.

  • Obtain a printed procedure report from the billing software.  Even better if you can pull just the 45378 and G0121 procedures!!
  • Compare the list to your daily charge batches to remove the history of polyp, neoplasm, family history, etc.  Highlight only those that DO NOT have a history.
  • With the highlighted list, I went into my EMR system and viewed each Op Report and documented the recommendation for follow up.
  • Lastly, I assigned a “+” (plus sign) to the ones that met the criteria and a “–” (minus sign) for those that did not.  The denominator is my highlighted patients and the numerator is those that have a plus.  Here is an example of how that looks using my friends and family’s names (keep in mind that the last 2 columns are handwritten by me:
Physician Patient DOS Procedure Code Recommended follow up Result
1 Dr. ABC Jessica 4/1/2014 45378 10 years +
2 Dr. ABC Kari 4/2/2014 45378 5-8 years
3 Dr. XYZ Denise 4/3/2014 G0121 10 years +
4 Dr. XYZ Leslie 4/4/2014 G0121 10 years +
5 Dr. LMN Chris 4/7/2014 45378 5-8 years-max 8
6 Dr. LMN Eric 4/8/2014 45378 history of polyp  
7 Dr. ABC Linda 4/1/2014 45378 10 years +
8 Dr. ABC Camey 4/2/2014 45378 No documentation
9 Dr. XYZ Patrick 4/3/2014 G0121 10 years +
10 Dr. XYZ Camille 4/4/2014 G0121 10 years +
11 Dr. LMN Gabriel 4/7/2014 45378 history of neoplasm  
12 Dr. LMN Sam 4/8/2014 45378 10 years +

Denominator = 10 Numerator = 7 I can honestly tell you that for the month of April with a total volume of 400 procedures, this took me approximately an hour to complete.  I am now half way to the required 96 cases per measure so only one more month of data collection!  Yay! Here is a link to the website just in case you need the actual measure guidelines. And here is a great flowchart</a

Author:  Casey McFarland