The festering task list…

The festering task list…


Doesn’t it feel like some days, it’s all about checking off the task list?

That some things just get moved to the new list and don’t get done?

Doesn’t that list seem overwhelming? Ugly even?

It does to me.

I know the list is important…keeps me organized, helps me remember everything.
Gets it out of my head and on to paper.

But it also makes me a little crazy. A bit stressed. No joy in looking at it.

Something had to change!

So …I decided to make it less overwhelming, less stressful…and more fun!

First…I stopped procrastinating. If it got moved to a new list too much…..

I needed to make it manageable ! Ask for help, delegate, or break it down into smaller tasks.

Second, I had to make it more…inviting.

I know..a task list and inviting…doesn’t seem possible, right?

But I had to improve my procrastinating tendencies!

I invested in fun colorful paper and put up a dry erase board with different marker colors. My paper has lines, since I’m a lefty, and swirls and oranges and pinks..

I post my bright, colorful lists up with magnets in my work area so I can update as the tasks get done.

I also added matching folders to add some color to my work area. I know, a little girly, but one can only live in institutional shades of pastels for so long!

No more lists on notebooks that get put away. No more well intended lists I find later,only to realize I have forgotten something .

I write on the board throughout the day new tasks that are identified. No color coding, just whatever color fits my mood or the task.
At the end of each day, I use the board to revise the paper list so that I start the following day fresh.
Board erased, paper task list updated.
If I see a task I’m carrying over…again…it gets it’s own paper for special review . Delegate? Break down? Find resources? Phone a friend? Whatever it takes to get it done. No festering tasks!

The tasks are always there-but now I’m more organized ,with a new process and a little much needed color, not to mention some fun and creativity thrown in.

Creative lists and a manageable process…just maybe…the list is a little less overwhelming…and shorter!

Author:  Leslie Mattson